There are several books we love. If you have some you would like to suggest drop us a line.

Song of Increase”, by Jacqueline Freeman

Wisdom of the Bees”, by Erik Berrevoets

Toward Saving the Honeybees”, by Gunther Hauk

Bees”, by Rudolf Steiner

Queen of the Sun Companion Book


Queen of the Sun

Filmmaker Taggart Siegel examines how the disappearance of bees affects the planet.

Bee Guardians”, Corwin Bell

Sites and Sources

Gaia Bees

Gaia Bees advocates for a fundamental shift in Apiculture and develops new practices toward a bee-centric approach. We examine how the bio-integrity of Honeybee nests can inform and heal our apiaries and landscapes, and how the wisdom of Honeybees can be an inspiration for the evolution of new paradigms of life.

Back Yard Hive

Mission: At BackYardHive, we are committed to information and hive technologies that encourage and enable backyard beekeepers to be successful.

Natural Beekeeping Trust

The Natural Beekeeping Trust promotes awareness of sustainable beekeeping, which is determined by our understanding of the essential needs of the Bee.