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Honeybees and Biodynamic Apiculture

Bee SwarmHow can the earth be healed through healing the life of bees?

Join us for a journey into the deeper nature of Apis Mellifera in this two day exploration of the bio-dynamics of apiculture.  We will step into the world of Honeybees and enter (or discover) their multidimensional landscape that constitutes an unusual and unique matrix of life and reveals the deep inter-dependencies and wholeness of the entire biosphere.

In this bee-centered workshop, Michael Thiele will present multiple dimensions of the nature of Honeybees and a new paradigm of living with bees. We will venture into “hive-mind”; explore the interrelationships within and outside the hive; and look at the ethical, ecological and spiritual dimensions of our relationship with honeybees.  Alternative hives will be introduced- including the handwoven “Sun Hive”. The class is open to everyone with an affinity towards bees and those who would like to deepen their relationship with them.

Michael Joshin Thiele is leading an innovative and multidimensional approach within the biodynamic apiculture movement and teaches in the United States and abroad. He is Founder and President of Gaia Bees (www.gaiabees.com) and is researching wild Honeybees and new dimensions of apiculture in a sociocultural, agricultural and spiritual context.  In the last decade, Michael has been involved with the creation of Honeybee sanctuaries and refuges as a means of protection and education.  His work is documented in various national and international magazines, books and film documentaries (“Queen of the Sun”). He lives with his family in CA, USA.

The most recent project is the Honeybee Sanctuary & Refuge at Green Gulch Farm. The underlying concept of a “Landscape Apiarium” is the leading principle in this bee-centric approach. The art and craft of the “Zeidler” (tree beekeeping) is an additional feature of his work.  In 2013, he worked as a biodynamic consultant for the USDA in the Dominican Republic.  His work is documented in various national and international magazines, books and film documentaries (“Queen of the Sun”). He lives with his family in CA, USA.

The workshop will begin Saturday morning August 6, 2016 at 9:00 AM and will end at 1:00 PM on August 7, 2016. There will be a charge of $88 for the workshop with a limited number of partial scholarships available. We are offering a meal plan which covers 4 organic meals for $65. Lodging is also available for those who are traveling or wish to stay over (see below). There are indoor and camping options available. All indoor rooms are double occupancy. If you require private accommodations please notify us. Reserve your meals and/or lodging here!

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