Dancing Sophia Honeybee Sanctuary

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Dancing Sophia Honeybee Sanctuary is located within Hummingbird Community on 486 acres in Cleveland New Mexico. This valley in northern New Mexico that has become our home is one of the last pristine watersheds in the southwest. Research from the 1990’s indicates that New Mexico has eleven different subspecies of honeybees – more than any other state. New Mexico has 1,100 of the 1,400 native bee species throughout North America – and 7 of the 8 climactic zones.

1,600 bee sips from flowerettes of clover = 1 drop of honey.

In the summer of 2008 we were beginners in high altitude, high desert gardening. Thus began the learning curve – a steep one – and a superb opportunity for learning Biodynamic principles and practices. Dancing Colors Studio, gardens and meadows were dedicated as a honeybee sanctuary during the summer solstice of 2015.

Practitioners who have inspired this dedication are: Meg McGee; Jacqueline Freeman; Gunther Hauk; Johannes Wirz; Roger Druitt; Corwin Bell; Debra Roberts; and Michael Thiele, who writes:

Bees Drinking“Bees are agents of life as they sustain the health and existence of vast numbers of plants and animals…the multi-dimensional landscape of the bien presents an opportunity to step into a creative field of finding new ways of living – the bees can be an inspiration in these times of great turmoil and change. Apiculture can become conscious work and our role as apiculturists can become that of a practitioner. This is what we call ApiSophia.” (‘The Wisdom of Bees’, Biodynamics Issue 120 December 2013 p. 6)

The summer of 2010 was the beginning of beekeeping for Michael and Ami – one top bar hive. Ami attended a series of beekeeping lessons with the local bee mentor at her home where she has 25-30 top bar hives. Her name is Meg McGee and the Dancing Sophia Honeybee Sanctuary is co-dedicated to her – for her love of bees and for her patience with the stream of new students of sustainable beekeeping she hosts annually.

The sanctuary is also dedicated to Glenn and Suz Aaronson for their generosity and for being divine provocateurs – and to Eileen Workman for her warmth of heart and for bringing ‘sacred economics’ as a gift to our evolutionary octave.

A covenant with the nature spirits and elementals was first made on January 6th, 2011 – and is renewed every January 6th with a dynamized, potentized spray of gold, frankincense and myrrh encircling the 3.5 acres of gardens, meadows, and woodland surrounding the studio, pond, and hives. Our commitment is to honor, nourish, protect – and co-evolve with – the nature spirits and elementals. As of January 6, 2016, the bees will be woven into the golden moments of the renewed covenant, united with the song of the cherry tree in the heart of the garden.

“Where the song of the hive is strong, the nature spirits flourish – to them each hive and each bee is wrapped in light. Hives are sources of spiritual nourishment for nature spirits and places of deep reverence, temples of the spiritual world, source points of spiritual manna.” (Song of Increase, p.32-33)

A growing devotion to the being of the bees has inspired Ami to focus on growing flowers and medicinals to nourish the bees – to release the intent of growing food directly for people – to receive honey, freely given by the bees, as divine nourishment for human beings. Propolis is medicine for bees and humans – beeswax is a miraculous gift for us to ignite light into darkness.

In young bees “the formative power in light is transformed into the wax and honeycomb. In the candle flame matter is finally dematerialized.” (Johannes Wirz, ‘Wisdom of Bees’, Biodynamics, Issue 120, December 2013, page 5)

Honeybees “bring the spark of consciousness, of unity and love, and work presciently into the future to bring heartful presence of love into the world…bearers of the energy stamp of Creation, the bee’s exhalation infuses this energy stamp into the plant. The moistness is a trigger that wakes the plant, announces the energy transfer, then the flower acknowledges the encoded transfer. The flowers thus communicate through their pollination that they are in unison…” (Song of Increase, p. 161)

Dancing Sophia is intended to be part of ‘bee corridors’ that connect across the length and breadth of North America. There are wildlife corridors and migration corridors being developed or re-opened, and bee corridors are an auspicious expansion of this work.

Imagine the paths of bees as they gather pollen and nectar being traced with a fine golden ribbon and the Earth is lovingly ‘cloaked’ in a shimmering golden web. Our purpose is to be part of a golden web of bee sanctuaries anchored wherever human beings are in active service to honeybees – jewels shining wherever Spirit and Nature conjoin. A home is being lovingly created for the bees that blesses their activities and mutually blesses those who open-heartedly enter into their realm.

“One important aspect of the phenomenon of the bien is to be between worlds and paradigms. Ancient cultures recognized honeybees as messengers linking heaven and earth. This oscillation between poles of being make the bien into a unique, sacred, sometimes enigmatic, being.” (Michael Thiele, ‘The Wisdom of Bees’, Biodynamics – Issue 120 – December 2013 p. 6)

Our purpose as a honeybee sanctuary is to direct our attention and actions toward education and research – to articulate and convey regenerative practices in relation to: hive technologies; altruistic guardianship – communities of bee guardians; genetic diversity – both wild and ‘domesticated’ hives; worldwide networks of bee ecology; sacred geometry of bee life; the relationship of evolutionary art and sacred geometry with bee evolution and spirituality; the shapes of hives – ‘Sun Hives’; and the crystalline nature of bee life in relation to the crystalline light body of the human being.

A less visible, no less significant, focus of our honeybee sanctuary is ongoing and open cultural research into the wisdom of each hive’s community life as a template for a higher social art among human beings.

“As in ancient mysteries we are moving as a social community to and fro between spirit and matter, temple and everyday world. If this knowledge is lived out consciously, the sister beings, bee colony and human being will gradually begin to come closer to one another.” (Roger Druitt, ‘The Wisdom of Bees’, Biodynamics Issue 120 December 2013 p. 7)